How to deal with workplace bullying | 5 leading prevention strategies

Whatever your role, employer or employee – when bullying occurs in the workplace it affects us all.  We understand it can be an extremely uncomfortable topic to speak about let alone come to a solution that supports all parties. 

Here are five key strategies you can implement now to address bullying in your workplace.

Five ways of preventing workplace bullying

  • Regular catch ups with your team members to find out how they’re really going.  The key is in the regularity and the quality of the conversations.  Showing a genuine interest goes a long way in ensuring your team feel supported and also provides great insight if something is wrong.
  • Designing safe systems of work by clearly defining jobs and providing employees with the resources, information and training they need to succeed and feel valued in their role. 
  • Setting the standard of workplace behaviour…this may start with having a clear code of conduct and workplace bullying policy but also relates to the general culture of the organisation. 
  • Implementing appropriate workplace bullying reporting and response procedures. 
  • Providing education and training on the prevention of workplace bullying during orientation and on an annual basis. 

Sounds simple right? You may think so, however more often than not, these practices are not occurring in many Australian businesses.

With the pressures of operational demands and/or the lack of a dedicated HR team, these conversations and actions are often overlooked and fall into the too hard basket.

When it comes to effectively preventing bullying and supporting your employees’ mental health, it’s vital to ensure the processes in place aren’t just that – processes no one speaks about. It’s vital to promote a culture of openness through education and communication…that’s where real change occurs.

Need help setting up bullying prevention strategies?

If you’re like many Australian business owners and leaders, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of how to tackle this as you simply don’t have the time or expertise to dedicate to it.  But don’t be naive as these excuses are not something that the Fair Work Commission takes lightly.  

Training and coaching is our passion and we’d love to help you feel reassured by helping you understand your duty of care in taking a pro-active approach to this very real employment related risk.  The Fair Work Commission also provides services to help you through this.

Free legal advice to help overcome workplace bullying

The Fair Work Commission facilitates an eligibility criteria where you can explore if free advice is available to you.

The government funded, free legal assistance program called – The Workplace Advice Service, helps eligible businesses or employees to connect with and consult a lawyer on a variety of workplace issues.

To learn more and check your eligibility, you can view all the details on the Fair Work Commission government website.

If you’d rather keep it in-house, speak to us about our pro-active approach to all things compliance.

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