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We are Purple Playground, a team of HR & Recruitment Consultants dedicated to

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Shift from fighting fires to fuelling growth

We look at your operation as an entire ecosystem, considering all moving parts as a whole rather than just a specific “problem” or task at hand. Having this understanding of how each component influences others allows us to be proactive about sustainable growth and change.

Shift from fighting fires to fuelling growth

Inspire a culture of connection

Inspire a culture of connection

Nothing is more powerful than an employee who feels connected to the business vision. Through getting to know your people, we can support you in creating a culture where everyone feels connected to what they do, why they do it and who they do it with.

Find (and leverage) your edge in the market

Find (and leverage) your edge in the market

Anyone can replicate what you do, but no one can replicate the people or culture behind it. Working as an extension of your team, we’ll help you stand out in the market by creating and leveraging a high-performing team.

Redefine your potential

Redefine your potential

When everything (and everyone) works in sync, it’s amazing what you can achieve. We’ll explore ways to maximise the potential of your people to really push the limits and do more than what you ever thought possible.


As your trusted HR Consultants, we’ll be here to support you throughout every stage of the employee lifecycle. From attracting the best talent to ensuring past employees go out into the world advocating for your brand, here are some of the ways we’ll help you really nail those key milestones.


Your Trusted HR and Recruitment Partner in Australia

Welcome to our HR and Recruitment Consulting agency, your go-to destination for exceptional HR solutions in Australia. We work by partnering you with the right mix of our HR Team Members who’s skills and expertise align with the challenge at hand.  With our extensive industry knowledge and a dedicated team of HR professionals, we are committed to delivering outstanding results that drive your organization’s success.

Recruitment Services

You don’t need a recruitment agency…you need a team.  A team of real people with expertise to find you your ‘A’ players…so you don’t shave to spend all your time managing your ‘B’ players!   Through pro-active sourcing tactics and meticulous candidate screening, we ensure that the individuals we present to you align perfectly with your organization’s goals and culture. Trust our expertise and let us find the best talent for your team.

HR Consulting Expertise

Unlock the full potential of your organization by working with a HR Company that partners with you every step of the way…the better we know your people, culture and brand, the better the results we’ll achieve.  Our human resource consultancy is unique in that we take a pro-active approach in everything we do.  Whether it be a one-off request or an ongoing HR need, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that address your specific challenges and objectives. Whether you require assistance with HR operations, strategic planning, or employee relations, our experienced HR consultants are here to guide you. We can be as hands-on or off as you need, covering everything from HR admin to Strategy and everything in between.

Re-Imagine HR  & Recruitment with Purple Playground and see how easy it is to discover that with our pro-active HR Services and bespoke recruitment solutions, you can transform your organization’s capabilities.

Human Resources Consultants

Supporting you in what you do best

We’re Purple Playground, a group of Human Resources Consultants working to empower purpose-driven businesses to build and leverage their most important asset – their people.

Acting as an extension of your business, we’ll help you create a high-performing team that will help your business go further, faster. We can also explore ways to maximise the potential of your people to really push the limits and do more than what you ever thought possible. And what could be more exciting than that?

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Reimagining HR Consultant services

We’re not the kind of HR Consultants that tell you what to do then leave without a trace. Specialising in practical advice and hands- on execution support, we work with you to ensure you’re optimising every aspect of your operation to give you the greatest chance of success.

Find out more about how we’ll work with you and your team to redefine your business potential.

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