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Connecting your people to your business mission

HR is a core component to running a business well. It’s the glue that holds your company together and a key part of connecting people with their work. And while HR isn’t the most fun part of running things, it can be effective. With the right backing, our HR Services Australia can help you connect with your employees and engage them on a personal level. That way they can be a part of what makes your organization special: its people.

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Initial Chat
We get to know you, your business and your team so we can understand exactly who you’re after.
Kick-off meeting
We’ll meet with you and key leaders to workshop the employee lifecycle and identify your biggest priorities.
We’ll then dig into your current HR files and documents to see where everything stands and identify any gaps that need filling.
After your review, our team will get to work on drafting a customised HR plan, outlining all the key activities and deliverables to be ticked off over the year ahead.
Ongoing work
With a clear plan of attack locked in, we’ll set up regular check-ins and work out our accountability rhythm so we can slot in seamlessly with your usual business ops.

Why use Purple Playground?

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The people who
make it possible

Purple Playground is a people business and that’s why we are here. We work with and for our clients, but it’s never just about doing what we’re paid to do. It’s about working together to build a common vision and improve your business. We do this through offering strategic support, delivering practical solutions and sharing our knowledge gained from decades of experience in recruitment and training

Our Impact

Supporting more
than just our clients

We’re really passionate about making a difference by integrating the act of giving into our business model. We work with B1G1 to provide value to our clients and gain charitable donations, with all earnings going towards a social enterprise that creates a sustainable impact in the lives of children around the world.

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Everything you want to know

Absolutely! This is the way we work 90% of the time. We have clients based all around Australia, and what makes it so seamless is having access to a quality Human Resource Information System (HRIS) like our fav, Employment Hero.

We sure can. We’ll work with you and your employee to uncover the underlying concerns and create a solution that ultimately achieves the best possible outcome for all.

We offer the same level of support as an internal HR team. We do this by providing our clients access to an experienced HR Manager and a HR Consultant, backed by a complete team of HR professionals. We cover everything from HR Strategy and building leadership capability to generalist HR support spanning across all areas of the employee lifecycle.

We’re all about being proactive, mitigating your employer-related risks and driving a positive people and culture agenda. We may operate via an outsourced model but we are thought of as your very own HR Team. That’s why our Premium Services are not for everyone. We all know the saying ‘you get what you pay for,’ so unlike traditional HR Consultants, we work with a proactive mindset and partner with you for a minimum term to really get some traction and make a difference.

Don’t worry, it’s more affordable than you think! With the skills and expertise of a whole experienced team, you get a great return on investment.

We add the most value when we get to know your business and team culture over time. But we also hate saying no to business leaders in need, so let’s have a chat to see what you’re after and explore ways we can help.

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