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The Ethics Of Being Sustainable

Sustainability in business is more than just hard work. It takes commitment to refine the way you operate. With efficient effort from a dedicated team of professionals, we can build a meaningful, fruitful and eco-friendly business to make the world a greener place. Purple Playground has invested a significant amount of time and money to ensure that this is a business that is at the forefront of eco-friendly practices and long-term success.

Read on to find out more about what our company has done to be on our way to B-Corp certification.


We are proudly B Corp Certified

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps are verified by B Lab, a not-for-profit organisation transforming the global economy by assessing and certifying companies that meet the high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

B Corps envision a better economic system where businesses can benefit people, communities and the planet.

To become a B Corp we have been audited on comprehensive impact standards, built credible best practices, been benchmarked against industry peers and set goals to continually improve our impact.

In joining the B Corp community we commit to choosing long-term investments over quick wins and measure our success based on the positive impact we create with our clients and in our community.

Climate Neutrality

* PP Team Members Di, Amy, Jyoti and Sally on a volunteering day at the Southern Beaches Community Garden

Climate Neutrality

We’re proud to announce that we are officially CARBON NEUTRAL!

Together with Trace, a purpose-driven organisation on a mission to remove barriers to climate action, we have methodically assessed our business and used certified climate projects from the Trace portfolio to offset the emissions we are unable to eliminate. We will continue to track the carbon emissions produced by our footprint on an ongoing basis

You can check out our ongoing impacts here: our-trace.com/brand/purple-playground and if you’re looking to start giving back to the planet, be sure to check out Trace.

* PP Team

Proven Ethics

Integrity: All employees who work with Purple Playground are expected to conduct themselves with the utmost ethical consideration, professionalism, honesty and respect for the law.

Transparency: For interested parties who are relevant to them, information on the Purple Playground operation is provided.

Respect And Human Rights: We treat everyone equally and with respect. This includes our employees, clients, partners, and the broader community. This is further fostered by the decisions we make about the purchase of goods, components and supplies.

Local over Global: We always favour supporting local organisations over multinational corporations. We are dedicated to supporting small businesses and keeping money flowing within our local community wherever possible.

Stewardship: A temporary custodian of the property where our services are provided is Purple Playground. We make sure that traditional owners are respected and acknowledged. This transient stewardship necessitates taking into account local environmental impacts and biodiversity.

Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business

Being sustainable is part of the ethos of our business, giving back to the world around us in a productive way. As a business, we are responsible for any damage done to the environment, and in turn, we must take responsibility when trying to offset any damage caused.

To provide the greatest service with the smallest environmental impact, we are dedicated to integrating sustainable business practices. We apply these practices throughout every aspect of our business operations to ensure the long-term health of the environment, the economy and society. We have a zero-waste policy and are always looking for methods to reduce our carbon footprint. Through our B1G1 membership initiative and charitable connections with environmental causes, we aim to make a positive, beneficial impact on our world.