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HR Services

We’ll take care of the boring stuff, so you can focus on what you do best.

We get it. Human Resources isn’t always the most exciting element of running a business, but it’s definitely one of the most important.

With a focus on connecting your people to your business mission, we can help you with all the processes, paperwork and general HR services needed to run a really successful business. And while we’re hard at work on the less-fun stuff, you can spend your time and energy on the things that really matter most to you.


Outsourced HR solutions are perfect for businesses that…

Are experiencing growth but don’t have the capacity to build an internal HR team

Need external HR support to complement their internal HR employee/s

Want to free up time so its leaders can focus on what they do best

Want access to a dedicated team of HR specialists that just get your business

NFPs and Social Enterprises that need HR experts aligned with their purpose

Are Start-ups ready to Scale and need to make sure they have solid HR foundations

Want contracts and policies without the legal jargon and associated costs


What we’ll help you achieve

Shift from fighting fires to fuelling growth

Shift from fighting fires to fuelling growth

We look at your operation as an entire ecosystem, considering all moving parts as a whole rather than just a specific “problem” or task at hand. Having this understanding of how each component influences others allows us to be proactive about sustainable growth and change.

Inspire a culture of connection

Inspire a culture of connection

Nothing is more powerful than an employee who feels connected to the business vision. Through getting to know your people, we can support you in creating a culture where everyone feels connected to what they do, why they do it and who they do it with.

Find (and leverage) your edge in the market

Find (and leverage) your edge in the market

Anyone can replicate what you do, but no one can replicate the people or culture behind it. Working as an extension of your team, we’ll help you stand out in the market by creating and leveraging a high-performing team.

Redefine your potential

Redefine your potential

When everything (and everyone) works in sync, it’s amazing what you can achieve. We’ll explore ways to maximise the potential of your people to really push the limits and do more than what you ever thought possible.

HR support

How we support you

  • Compliance (Pay Reviews, Policies and Employment Contracts)
  • Organisational Development (Organisational Design, Workforce &
    Succession Planning)
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Measurement and Management
  • Values creation or refresh
  • Company culture
  • Building leadership capability through a series of workshops and coaching sessions
  • HR Information System Optimisation
  • And loads more
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Our HR Services

Outsourced HR Team

Our HR Plan option is ideal for rapidly scaling businesses that want confidence in how to structure their team for growth, help with meeting their Fair Work compliance obligations and guidance on how to systemize the process and humanize the experience for both leaders and employees. We partner you with two of our HR Team members who offer different areas of expertise from HR Admin all the way through to HR Strategy and everything in between. Our HR Plans are drafted for a six or twelve month term and are paid by the month. We plan out your people vision and agree on key outcomes and milestones aligned to your overall goals, then we get to work doing the doing! Just think about all the time you’ll save which will free you up to refocus on the other high value activities of running a business.

Pay Per Service

We offer a pay-as-you-go service for some clients. This allows you to pay for ad hoc work as and when you need it, without the need for constant monitoring and management from an account manager. We are here to do the job to a high standard, so if there are any issues or questions along the way we will be happy to help.

HR Project Team

For organisations that need extra HR resources to complete specific, sensitive or time-intensive people & culture projects. e.g. wage review, policy review, engagement/wellbeing surveys, personality profiling, position description reviews etc.

So the next time you’re contemplating hiring another internal HR resource, consider the more flexible and cost-effective option of having our team of HR experts getting it done for you.

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Take our HR Health Check

Purple Playground have identified the areas of Human Resources that have the most impact and value add when it comes to the success of your business. Take our questionnaire to give visibility of how your current Human Resources structure is performing!

Let’s do it

How we do things


Initial chat

We get to know you, your business and your team so we can understand exactly what you’re after.


Kick-off meeting

We’ll meet with you and key leaders to workshop the employee lifecycle and identify your biggest priorities.



We’ll then dig into your current HR files and documents to see where everything stands and identify any gaps that need filling.



After your review, our team will get to work on drafting a customised HR plan, outlining all the key activities and deliverables to be ticked off over the year ahead.


Ongoing work

With a clear plan of attack locked in, we’ll set up regular check-ins and work out our accountability rhythm so we can slot in seamlessly with your usual business ops.


Strategic people & culture activities


Our Happy Clients


Everything you want to know

Can you support our business remotely?

Absolutely! This is the way we work 90% of the time. We have clients based all around Australia, and what makes it so seamless is having access to a quality Human Resource Information System (HRIS) like our fav, Employment Hero.

I’m having problems with a staff member. Can you help me?

We sure can. We’ll work with you and your employee to uncover the underlying concerns and create a solution that ultimately achieves the best possible outcome for all.

What level of support can you offer my business?

We offer the same level of support as an internal HR team. We do this by providing our clients access to an experienced HR Manager and a HR Consultant, backed by a complete team of HR professionals. We cover everything from HR Strategy and building leadership capability to generalist HR support spanning across all areas of the employee lifecycle.

How much do HR services cost?

We’re all about being proactive, mitigating your employer-related risks and driving a positive people and culture agenda. We may operate via an outsourced model but we are thought of as your very own HR Team. That’s why our Premium Services are not for everyone. We all know the saying ‘you get what you pay for,’ so unlike traditional HR Consultants, we work with a proactive mindset and partner with you for a minimum term to really get some traction and make a difference.

Don’t worry, it’s more affordable than you think! With the skills and expertise of a whole experienced team, you get a great return on investment.

I just want help with one thing. Can you help me on an ad-hoc basis?

We add the most value when we get to know your business and team culture over time. But we also hate saying no to business leaders in need, so let’s have a chat to see what you’re after and explore ways we can help.

Ready to see how far your business can go?

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