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How we work

Complete HR & Recruitment support on speed dial

We’re not the kind of HR team that hands out cookie-cutter solutions and sends you on your way. Working really closely with the leaders and teams in your business, we’ll support you with the full suite of customised HR services and outsourced recruitment to ensure you’re hitting the target every single time.


What makes us different?

We’re driven by people & purpose

To us, HR is about people – not processes. Through getting to know the people behind your business, we’ll discover what really matters to them and help you find the best ways to motivate and inspire them in their roles.

We’re not boring HR Consultants

We understand that not everyone gets as excited about HR as we do. And that’s okay! We take on the less-exciting stuff so you can get on with the things that really matter to you and your business.

We actually give a cr#p

We’re really passionate about what we do and work hard to help you crush your goals. We also consider ourselves a part of your leadership team and only ever act in the best interests of your business.

We’re dynamic & adaptive

We don’t cookie-cut HR solutions. Instead, we really get to know you so we can deliver custom solutions that work towards your goals. We compliment your strengths with our own expertise and we scale as your business does.

We bring corporate expertise (without the suits)

We’re corporate escapees who felt it was time to take all the good stuff we’d learnt (and throw away the bad) to help businesses of all shapes and sizes compete against the big guys. That’s why we do what we do every day.

We’re your confidant

It’s lonely at the top – which is why we’re always here to chat things through. Whether you’ve got a specific problem at hand, are ready to scale your ops or want to explore new opportunities, you can rely on our expertise and discretion.


Purple Playground’s 5Ps

Understanding the connection between your people, purpose, performance, profit and positive impact is key to discovering your competitive edge.

Using this as our framework, we’ll help you to understand how each of these components impacts and interacts with each other to not only find your competitive edge, but leverage it to create the greatest outcome.

People are more than just their measurable skills. Think emotional intelligence, culture-add and behavioural competencies. Encourage the diversity of thought and experience that each individual brings to the team.

It’s not just ‘feel good stuff’. Consciously ensuring an aligned purpose between employees and the organisation leads to increased engagement, greater discretionary effort and better business outcomes.

Leverage the intrinsic motivation of a purpose-led team to outperform your competitors. Set Objective Key Results (OKRs) to help connect the company, team and personal goals to measurable results and breed a high performance culture.

With the right people on board, aligned purpose, and increased discretionary effort, you’ll reap the rewards of lower productivity costs and increased profits.

Be a purpose led business by making decisions based on more than just profit. Be a force for good…making a real difference in the world, leaving a positive personal and business legacy.


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