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HR Health Check Questionnaire

Step 1 of 3 - COMPLIANCE


1. Have all of your employees been issued with an employment contract?
2. Do you reference the applicable Award or Enterprise Agreement when setting the rate of pay for an employee?
3. Do you undertake an annual review of pay rates against the applicable Award or Enterprise Agreement?
4. Do you meet your Fair Work obligations by capturing employment related records in a secure system? e.g. contracts of employment, employee details, training records, licenses and qualifications, leave applications, rosters etc
5. Are policies and procedures current, version controlled and readily available for all employees to access? e.g. WHS, Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination, Leave, Code of Conduct, Performance Management, Grievance, Confidentiality
6. Do you have a Workplace Health and Safety Officer and / or Workplace Health and Safety Representatives appointed within the company?
7. Are payslips made available to all employees within one working day of pay?