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Wage Review

Am I paying my employees correctly?

With an ever-thickening melting pot of roles, titles, industries, changes in legislation and constant market shifts, it can be tricky for employers to know if they are paying their employees appropriately and in alignment with their business strategy.

Some wages will be dictated by a Modern Award (there’s over 120 them!), the National Employment Standards, or even award-free. But what does this actually mean?

Purple Playground can help you navigate this often complex and sensitive topic by helping you to pinpoint exactly what your employees should be getting paid.

Your team is your greatest asset, and we want to help you keep them!

What are the risks?

Unfortunately, some employers hire an employee on a specific wage level, then leave it and forget to look at it again. Not keeping up with changes exposes the business to the risk of legal action and back-payments while also adversely impacting employee engagement and the ability to remain competitive in the market.

No one wants to be that employer in the news headlines with a damaged brand from underpaying employees! The cost of recovering from such damage would far outweigh the cost of keeping up with market-rate increases.

So, how can we help?

We can help reduce your risk of under-paying (or over-paying) your employees and help you to strike the right balance between your bottom-line while retaining your most valued team members, and also help you to attract new stars.

When conducting a review, we will always consider your business goals, people strategy, industry, market and other factors.

So what is involved in a wage review?

  • We review the current wage information, position details, qualifications and the key responsibilities of your employees.
  • We identify what legal instrument governs each employee’s wages and what they should be paid (which may include analysis of market data).
  • We undertake a comparison of what your employees are currently paid versus what our analysis has found.
  • We step you through our findings and recommendations for each employee, helping identify risks and focus areas for your business.
  • Where you choose to pursue our recommendations, we will be there to help guide you through employee consultations.

Estimated time commitment from you: 7 hours

Wage Review will…

  • Outline any risks and subsequent solutions
  • Help balance your legal obligations, bottom-line goals and employee retention
  • Ensure employees are appropriately compensated
  • Help you remain competitive in the market & attract new talent
  • Increase awareness of when wages should be reviewed in the future
  • Help start a conversation about your people and retention strategy